Lunch with the people that really work for a living

Posted: February 14th, 2011 under Uncategorized.

There’s a group of people at Bestop that may not go to SEMA and don’t do photo shoots in Moab, but instead show up every day and make sure all your products get shipped out to the right places. They make sure that all the trucks are accounted for, the products are boxed correctly, and the right product matches the right order.

That’s not an easy job, but it’s an essential one. So last week, one of them got a forklift stuck in the snow between our buildings. I managed to rescue it with my Jeep, and in return, I got invited to their team lunch. Which is very cool. Thanks for the invite!

That’s Mike with his lovely wife. He’s the one that bought me lunch. What he doesn’t realize is I like running around in the snow rescuing cars and, um, forklifts.

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