my Trektop NX love goes public…

Posted: October 26th, 2011 under Uncategorized.

As Murphy predicted my new Trektop NX showed up on the day the rains set in here in Southern California. Our normally sunny 80 degree weather was pushed aside for three days while my jeep filled with an inch or so of water through various rips and a broken zipper on the original seven year old top. Luckily, I drained the jeep and installed the top as soon as the sun showed back up.

I’m not going to gush about this top, though honestly after it being on my jeep for just over two weeks I could. The sunrider feature is by far my favorite. It’s easy to use and convenient when I don’t want to risk being without a top. I like the safari top though at first I felt it seemed noisy. I soon realized moving the zipper pull on the passenger side back stopped the jingling I was hearing.

The top does have a few areas I worry about. The plastic protecting the fabric from the quick releases is not exactly placed right though this could change as the top relaxes with age. Also where the rear straps are sewed in feels as though it’s placing stress on the seam where the channel for the back window is. I’d have felt better with a loop of the strapping sewn into the channel for the rear bow.

However, there are features that overshadow my worries.  The back window design gets my absolute undying gratitude since it was the first thing to go wrong with my old top.

As a whole the top is good enough that it’s caused this jeep snob to change her view on the different profile. I like the way it fits over the roll bar. The ‘fastback’ has grown on me quicker than I thought it would. And it’s quiet. In fact, it’s so tight my son, who was riding in the back seat while we were on the highway, commented on how he could hear the conversation for once. Granted, I’ve not had a rear window for quite a while, but it’s quiet.

Being resistant to change, I’m pleasantly surprised by this top. And though it has taken some getting used to when it comes to taking it on and off – it’s tight – I would not want an OEM style top back.

So, yeah… I love this top.

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