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Fabric Swatches

Every Bestop Authorized Dealer has a Bestop swatch book, with samples of the actual fabric. You can find the closest authorized dealer to you at our Where To Buy area.


Please keep in mind that colors are very difficult to show accurately on a computer monitor.


Our product numbers all end in a two digit color code. For example, 54721-35 is a Supertop NX in -35 color, or Black Diamond.



black 01This is our standard "black."  It is color code -01. This is sometimes called "black crush."

















charcoal swatchThis is "charcoal".

The color code is -09.
















black denim swatch



This is color code -15.


This is "black denim."













dark tan swatch


Color code -33


This is "dark tan














Color code -35


This is "black diamond."
















Color code -36


This is "khaki diamond"















  Color code -37


This is "spice."