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Tech: The Top Arch

Bestop's Top Arch


Want some more evidence that the new  NX tops from Bestop are fully loaded? Here you go: 

Both the Supertop NX and the Trektop NX come with Bestop's new Top Arch as standard equipment (JK and TJ models).


Designed specifically to minimize fabric flapping, especially at higher speeds, and avoid puddles forming in the center of your soft top after a hard rain storm.


The Top Arch spans across the Jeep right above the head of both driver and passenger. (JK Unlimited models also have a bar above passenger heads).


The Top Arch is designed only for use with our NX tops: the door surrounds for those tops are designed with a special tab for fitting the Top Arch.


The Top Arch is designed with a strip of foam that pads it from the soft top fabric, and minimizes noise.  Made of extruded aluminum, the Top Arch is pre-arched, and easily pops into the door surrounds.