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Black Twill Trektop NX

Our fantastic Black Twill fabric comes with a lifetime warranty, and feels like the quality cloth used on the most expensive European luxury cars.
And now you can get this fabric on our Trektop NX.
Click here for details and applications.

Interior Console Lock Box

Fits into the interior of the factory console
All welded construction with hinged lid
Features integrated lock with keys
Click here for details and applications


Power Replacement Mirrors

Exact OE match, for Wranglers with factory-installed power mirror option
Click here for details and applications


Black Twill Protectant

Designed specifically for our new Black Twill fabric
Click here for details and applications


Black Twill  Soft Top Fabric

twill1The Supertop NX and the Replace-A-Top are now available in Black Twill Fabric.  It's Bestop's custom weave of the same fabric used in all sorts of expensive sports cars and European luxury cars. This fabric is much more luxurious feeling, much more cloth-like. It's also the heaviest fabric we've ever used, so it's not only a lot quieter, it's going to help stop heat transfer as well. The fabric is actually three heavy layers: Twill on the outside, rubber waterproofing, and finished twill on the inside. It makes the inside of the top look as finished as the outside. Since we made the fabric the best ever, we also added a couple other things: extra thick 40mil windows, and a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Applications and details for Black Twill Replace-A-top

Applications and details on Black Twill Supertop NX


PowerBoard NX

Our new, smarter, PowerBoard. PowerBoard NX adds patent pending Wi-Fi component technology, making the board installation easier and faster. With the all new Wi-Fi components, PowerBoard NX installs in less time because no door panels, kick panels, kick plates or carpets are touched; there is no cutting, splicing or tapping in to the OEM wiring harness.

Applications and details for PowerBoard NX


RoughRider Saddle Bags

We've asparetirebagdded a bunch of fabric storage organizers, all custom designed to exactly fit Wranglers, and made with our diamond-point fabric (it's tough, and it matches the top).

Look for organizers that fit on the seat back, under the seat, over the spare tire, and in the cargo area. Plus, we've added a tailgate organizer: same fabric construction, but with a neat modular quick-release attachment for the Wrangler tailgate. 

Go here for details and applications on RoughRider Soft Storage