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Press Release: PowerBoard NX

Bestop Releases First to Market Wi-Fi PowerBoard

PowerBoard NX is the evolution of powered running boards

Broomfield, CO (February 1st, 2013):


BREAKING NEWS: PowerBoard NX works with 2014 GM Trucks.

Now Available! PowerBoard NX™ builds on the success and continuous improvements of the original PowerBoard powered running board.  PowerBoardNX adds patent pending Wi-Fi component technology, making the board installation easier and faster. With the all new Wi-Fi components, PowerBoard NX installs in less time because no door panels, kick panels, kick plates or carpets are touched; there is no cutting, splicing or tapping in to the OEM wiring harness.


The PowerBoard NX Wi-Fi system components -- door sensors that affix to each door pillar without drilling, and a receiving unit solidly located to the frame beneath the truck. Instead of relying on the factorypbnx1 “door open” wire, these sensors use a magnetic trip – as soon as the door opens, the battery equipped Sensor sends a signal to the Receiver, which triggers PowerBoard NX to instantly extend into position. When the door is closed, PowerBoard NX automatically retracts after a five second delay.


Very different from a fixed side step or nerf bar, powered running boards tuck up under the truck when not needed, but automatically and instantly extend, ergonomically dropping down about 6 inches and out about 2 inches when the doors are opened.


Truck owners and installers may now choose the original hard wired PowerBoard with all of its continuous improvements, or the PowerBoard NX. Every PowerBoard maintains the distinctive, patented features plus running improvements to the drive motors' weather resistance and overall linkage strength.  The load capacity remains at 600 pounds per side, and the step itself is exactly the same, with highly durable, matte black powder coating providing confident foot surface grip in all conditions.


Like all PowerBoards, the PowerBoard NX has been relentlessly tested, and continuously improved. “We’ve put thousands of hours into testing, both at independent labs, and in real-world field testing,” says Rick Troeger, Project Engineer. “We’ve invested in metallurgy tests, durability tests, breaking-strength tests, and with the new Wi-Fi components, electrical interference testing, and lots more. This is the most thoroughly tested product in Bestop history.”  

“We’ve installed dozens and dozens of PowerBoards” says Andy Cohen, the owner of FinishLineWest, a truck accessory shop in Oak Hills California. “And wiring in the cab is always the toughest part. It’s not just finding, contorting and tapping into the right wire – it’s dismantling the door to get to those wires inside. Many of my customers are installing these on practically brand new vehicles - I hate being the first guy to pull up the floor and wiring on someone’s truck. The NX system is going to make that so much smoother.”Not connecting to the factory wiring pays dividends beyond faster and easier installation. “Modern truck wiring is not only massively complicated, it’s constantly changing” says George Stickles, Bestop’s aftermarket head of engineering. “The PowerBoard NX just ignores all the truck wiring. So there's no conflict with other aftermarket things like alarms or remote starters. PowerBoard NX eliminates issues where the factory just used a different color wire the day they made your truck.”


PowerBoard NX is available at Bestop Authorized Dealers now. For more detailed information please visit or contact Bestop Customer Service Monday – Friday, 8-5 Coast to Coast.



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