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Gift Ideas for < $200


Bikini Tops

Bikini Tops are the perfect companion to top-off, doors-off open air rides on the trails or just around town. Available for JL, Gladiator, JK, and previous generation Jeeps.


Seat Covers

Bestop has been designing and manufacturing seat covers for Jeep® for a very long time. Bestop puts its best fabric experts to work on making these the best-fitting, best-looking, most durable seat covers we’ve ever offered.



Security is always an issue for any vehicle, but especially for Jeep and pickup trucks. You need to have a secure place to put your smaller valuables or personal protection and our lockboxes can be part of the solution. Pick-resistant key locks and 16-gauge carbon steel construction with ample storage volume make our Lock Boxes a must-have item.



A mesh Bikini when you want it - easily retracts when you don't. Simply unhook the Sunshade from the front and let it roll back and out of sight for open-air experience. For sun protection, reach above and pull the sunshade up and over the front seats, hooking it into place behind the visor. Available now for Wrangler JKs.


Trail Covers

Bestop All-Weather Trail Covers are a necessity when you get caught without your soft top. A Trail Cover provides peace-of-mind that you've got a backup plan when unexpected weather hits, and the soft top is at home. Every Jeep owner needs a Trail Cover - it will come in handy when you need it..


For your Soft Top Needs


Sunrider for Hardtop

The Sunrider® for Hardtop is the industry’s first all-purpose, all-weather, year-round replacement for bulky freedom panels. The unique folding design lets you flip the panel back for an open-sky ride. Available for the Jeep Wrangler JK, Jeep Wrangler JL, and Jeep Gladiator.


Supertop Ultra

The Supertop Ultra is our most advanced soft top designed and features a patent-pending guide track system to make it easier than ever to retract the top or put the soft top back in place.


Trektop Ultra

The Trektop Ultra takes our most advanced soft top for the Jeep Wrangler JL (Supertop Ultra) and adds the coveted fastback styling! TheTrektop Ultra can fully retract with our patent-pending guide track system. The enhanced Sunrider® sunroof bathes all passengers in open air. Patented lift assist makes it simple for one person to shift the top from fully retracted to Sunrider position.


More Soft Tops

Find more options for soft tops & hardware here!


More than Soft Tops


Doors & Core Doors

Bestop offers fabric, Core Doors, and other options to open up your Jeep for the trail.



After many miles of adventure, your top will show its age and need replacing. Go with a premium quality Replace-A-Top from Bestop. A Bestop Replace-A-Top consists of the fabric necessary to make your Jeep look as good as new.



Bestop bumpers provide the clearance and protection necessary for any adventure and are well-known for great design, toughness and ease of installation.


From our Sister Brands


Console Safes from Tuffy Security Products

The Tuffy Console Safe transforms your OEM console into a heavy duty lockable storage area to protect your gear from opportunistic thieves and makes the perfect gift for that special someone who already has everything! Available for popular Jeeps and trucks from Chevy, GMC, Ford, RAM and Toyota.


LED Lighting from Baja Designs

Designed from the ground up, the Baja Designs S1 fills the shoes of a large light in a small package! With our signature Work/Scene pattern you’ll be able to light up camp, back up to a trailer, or burn that midnight oil while working on something close range.