HOSS Full System

HOSS Full System

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HOSS™ is the ideal group of products to have before removing your hardtop for the first time. HOSS stands for Hardtop Organized Storage System and it's almost mandatory for every Jeep hardtop owner.  That hardtop desperately wants to take a break during warm weather, and HOSS is the solution. There are several ways to mix and match HOSS components, or simply go with a full system. 

HOSS Systems bundle the Hardtop Cart and Door Cart together for a total storage solutiion for both your hardtop and doors. The HOSS Covers with Tool Caddy and Windows Storage Duffle are sold separately.

HOSS Hardtop Cart provides the basic support for the hard top providing mobile storage with 4 heavy-duty casters.  The Hardtop Cart is designed to strap onto the hard top while still on the vehicle so removal is much easier and quicker. A support bar helps keep the rear window in place so no additional clamps or restraints are needed. Just take the top off and roll it away.

HOSS Door Cart is built to store your factory full hard doors in side by side order with fully-padded U-Bar separators. You can also store many kinds of doors on the cart including steel half doors, fabric upper doors, Upper Door Sliders or 2-piece fabric doors. It includes easy-roll casters for excellent mobility.

HOSS Covers are tailored to fit over the Hardtop Cart plus the Door Cart for protection against dirt, grime or nasty stuff that might land on your stored hard top and doors. Heavy-duty fabric with zippers allow access to the components inside without removing the cover. All HOSS Covers also include a handy Tool Caddy and Window Storage Duffle.

HOSS Window Storage Duffle is the best place to store your expensive vinyl windows from almost any soft top. It features layers of non-abrasive fabric to separate each window panel to lessen possibility of scratches or marks. Just put the windows in, then roll it up. Easy to keep in the vehicle without taking up much space.