Upper Door Sliders
Fits door with ROUNDED rear upper corner; Fits any Supertop Classic, Sunrider or Halftop; Single sliding window


It's cold outside, you're at the toll booth ready to throw change into the hopper and the struggle begins to unzip the that vinyl window. And then you have to try and zip it up while pulling out, or risk the wrath of horn-honkers behind you. Stop struggling and start using Bestop Upper Door Sliders. You can just slide a glass panel open, do your thing and then just as quickly slide it shut.  The perfect accessory for 88-95 Wrangler soft top owners with fabric upper doors. When the weather starts getting colder, Upper Door Sliders start flying off our shelves.

  • Fits 1988-1995 Wrangler with Supertop Classic, Sunrider or Halftop.
  • Fit factory original lower steel doors.
  • A pair of soft fabric upper doors with sliding glass windows that latch.
  • Double-bulb weather stripping around door perimeter helps to provide a seal to soft top.
  • Exterior fabric color matches Bestop soft tops.
  • Upper Door Sliders "click" shut with one hand.
  • Has one sliding panel, one fixed window panel.

Instructions & Parts List

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