Trailmax II Classic Seat, Front, all vinyl
Requires Seat Adapter 51245-01 Driver side or 51248-01 Psngr side


The Classic seat brings back the type of seat found in old flat-fender CJ's and the original military bodies. Retro style with modern materals and quality. Seats sold individually.

  • Atlas Frame for super-solid structure that gives shape and support to entire seat.
  • Fixed seat back gives good back support
  • V-ROR variable-resistance springs respond to increasing pressure with increased support
  • Ultimate Foam closed-cell seat material is treated for water-resistance and flame retardance.
  • Classified as FMVSS 302 & 207 Compliant in Flammability ratings.
  • Best-quality all-automotive vinyl upholstery
  • Sold as individual seat to fit either Driver side or Passenger Side location

Instructions & Parts List

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