Core Door & Twill Upper Two Door Bundle


The ultimate flexibility for any Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door owner who loves the doors off feeling but wants the flexibility to have full doors when needed.  This bundle includes everything needed to outfit your JK with the hottest doors to hit the aftermarket.

  • Includes Front Core Doors (2), Premium Twill Uppers (2) and Door Hinges (2)
  • Core Doors are precision-molded for a perfect fit to the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK
  • Twill Uppers combine OE technology with Bestop's Premuim Twill fabric.
  • Mirrors are not included.

If you would like to utilize your OEM mirrors or after-market mirrors, you will need our Mirror Mounting Cups, product number 51734-01. Scroll down to our Frequently Bought Together section for more information.

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Best Bang for the Buck

I spent about a year mulling over purchasing MOPAR half doors but couldn't justify the cost then I saw the Bestop Core Doors which checked all the boxes I was looking for in a set of half doors so I placed an order for the front Core Doors with the Uppers last February and patiently waited for their arrival in early June. First, the doors are light, anyone who has removed and carried full jeep doors understands this isn't an easy task, with the aluminum construction you can easily lift and move the doors with one hand and store in the back of the jeep with ease. Second, they are multi functional as a full door, a half door or a tube door depending on the amount of open air you are looking for. I personally run the tube door look with the inner panel removed but carry the panels in the jeep just in case I need the security or if the misses is wearing a skirt. Third is the fit a finish, the interior of the door looks just as finished as the outside which sounds strange but most half doors seem to skip that part where as Bestop seemed to put a little thought and effort which is appreciated for a product that is pushing the $1k mark. Having them lockable is also a big plus so no one can walk away with your new doors. So what are my thoughts after running the doors all summer, how well are they holding up? Great, no chips, dings or rust on the doors, no rattles at highway speeds or closure issues, and everyone complements them and asks about the multiple options I can run. I sometimes end up giving mini demonstrations in coffee shop parking lots showing how the doors can be converted from full to half to tube doors and back. So some of the draw backs. Theses are water repellent not water proof. You could probably fight and tweak the hinges and the fabric upper to keep the rain out but in reality with opening and closing the doors and removing the upper just expect to deal with a little water. That being said I do mean a little water, the gaskets do a pretty good job of handling the rain I even leave the lower panel out during rain events and water is minimal but getting wet is a "Jeep Thing!". Secondly is a quark that I find funny. There are two red fabric straps on the inside of each door the first is a loop used to pull the door shut the second is a loop to release the latch and open the door. Every passenger grabs the first loop and can't open the door so they look at me like "What?" or just reach and open the door from the outside handle. I solved the problem by purchasing black and yellow Ejection Waring tags which seemed appropriate for the situation. All and all a good purchase for a great product that I would recommend to anyone looking to run half doors.

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5 out of 5


Love the look of my doors, but wish they were a little less vulnerable to theft. Although the doors are lockable at the handle, the guide pins do not have the capability of accepting the factory t50 hinge nut, or any other security device, again even though they are lockable at the handle, it would be nice to not have to think about locking/unlocking them before you leave/get in your Jeep.

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5 out of 5

Love my Core Doors

I love my core doors, I'm glad I took the extra time to research. You need to post instructions. The doors come with holes where the mirrors go, luckily for me my plan was to always relocate my stock mirrors. You need the cups for the core doors and need delete panels for your stock doors. I love the look of my core doors.

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