Driving a Jeep means feeling free. And nothing screams “FREEDOM!” more than driving under big skies with a soft top on your Jeep®. Drivers and passengers alike love the fresh air, sunshine and being closer to the outdoors. After all, isn’t that why you want a Jeep® Wrangler?

Rubicon OA-1440

Today’s Jeep soft tops have come a long, long way from the earliest rag tops several decades ago. Some of those tops were basically canvas slung over the top of a rickety frame. The new tops of today make it possible to enjoy all the benefits of running a full soft top on your Jeep while knowing that there’s no need to worry about excessive noise or leaking.


When you’re considering a Jeep®, ask yourself how you can get the most enjoyment out of it. The answer to that question probably points at a soft top. And when you’re looking at soft top options, you should start with Bestop. After all, Bestop has been the exclusive soft top provider to Jeep for more than three decades. So we know what we are doing.


Whether you get a soft top from your Jeep® Dealership (which, by the way, Bestop makes that soft top, too) or get one further down the line, we hope you do – and guarantee that you’ll smile more when you’re behind the wheel.