The best-selling premium soft top since 2012 is now available for the Jeep Wrangler JL

Bestop®, the industry’s leading manufacturer of premium Jeep® soft tops and accessories, announced the release of the TREKTOP™ for the all-new Jeep® Wrangler JL. Equipped with ground-breaking design and true-to-form Bestop® quality, the TREKTOP™ FOR JL will be an excellent addition to the soft top family.  

The TREKTOP™ FOR JL can run as a fully-enclosed, all-season top or stripped down to ride “bikini style” by easily removing the sides and rear windows. The all-new version also includes the unique Sunrider™ feature, allowing the Jeep® owner to easily flip open the top panel from the front seat for an open-sky ride. 

“Making the Trektop™ available for the all-new Jeep Wrangler JL was a top priority for us here at Bestop,” says Bestop CEO John Larson. “The new Wrangler JL is a world-class product and we’re thrilled to offer an equally premium soft top with the distinct fastback design the Jeep community has come to love.” 

Brimming with improvements, the TREKTOP™ FOR JL boasts the Sunrider™  feature, plus new industry standard header latches for simplified operation. The hybrid zipper/zipperless patented technology allows for stress-free removal of window panels, and zippers on the rear panel provide security and convenience to access the rear cargo area as well as an open space for any gear the Jeep® owner needs for adventure! 

The TREKTOP™ FOR JL kit includes: soft top fabric, patented factory exact door surrounds, tinted and replaceable windows, integrated header, tailgate bar and the Sunrider™ feature. The top is compatible with all factory full- and half-steel doors, as well as Bestop® door kits that can be purchased separately. The TREKTOP™ FOR JL will be available in OE quality Black Diamond fabric with a limited 5-year warranty, or ultra-premium Black Twill fabric with a limited lifetime warranty. 

The TREKTOP™ FOR JL is now available in Black Diamond and Black Twill, with the 2 door Black Diamond pricing at $799 and the 4 door Black Twill pricing at $1,299.