Powerboard NX

Powerboard NX

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It's the board that moves. Powerboard NX with Wi-Fi activation makes for faster installation without removing interior door panels or cutting into underdash wiring.

Jeep Wrangler models feature new Torsion Bar tensioning system that allows a closer, tighter fit against the rocker panel for better appearance and smoother operation.

HOW IT WORKS: Wi-Fi modules attach to door jams and detect when any door opens or closes. They communicate to the wireless controller which then uses programmed logic to operate the boards independently.

SMART: Same design as the original PowerBoard, but uses patented Wi-Fi technology to sense when the boards should deploy or retract.

EASY: Installation is faster and far easier. No more removing door panels, no tapping into factory color-coded door wires inside the cab.

SIMPLE: Attachment of Bestop’s exclusive door transmitters solves all the door open-close signalling and multiple connections. No need to use the OBD connector.

  • Electrically powered running board hides stealthily underneath your truck when doors are closed and extends down to meet your foot when door opens.
  • Drops down about 6" and out 2" to create a stair-step into your truck.
  • Full length board works with both front and rear doors, driver and passenger sides.
  • 600 pound load capacity per side.
  • Complete kit includes two full length boards, OEM quality sealed motors, controller, hardware, WiFi modules with weatherproof connectors and LED Light kit.
  • Powerboard NX features wireless activation components that reduce installation time and effort.
  • Built-in anti-pinch safety features senses pressure to keep board from retracting on your hand and feet.
  • Patented high strength, die-cast aluminum linkage built to last in any climate.
  • OEM quality sealed motors that perform in any weather.
  • Sturdy 6.25 inch wide aluminum running board features ultra-durable, non-slip, powder-coated surface.
  • Integrated LED Light Kit mounts to linkage or to body and illuminates board and ground below for easier access in and out of the cab.
  • 100,000 mile/3-year limited warranty.