The first premium full soft top for the Jeep Wrangler JL Aftermarket is now available!  The Trektop can be run fully enclosed as an all-season soft top or remove the sides and rear window and enjoy as a bikini. Plus, with the enhanced Sunrider design, the Trektop Sunrider can be easily opened from inside your Jeep.  Currently available in Black Twill and Black Diamond fabrics.

Product benefits include:

  • A hybrid zipper/zipperless for easy removal of window panels and zippers on rear panel provide security and easy changes in configuration.
  • An easily opened Sunrider, let the sun shine in while sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • Comes with its own hardware and does not require a drill for installation
  • New & improved, easy to open latches
  • Conveniently converts to bikini
  • Fastback design
  • Includes map pockets

Lifetime Limited Warranty. We proudly stand behind the premium quality of our fabric, design of our tops, and superior construction of our products.

Instructions & Parts List

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5 out of 5

Worth it!

Completely worth the buy! I would get this over the stock soft top any day. I bought the twill one for the JLU. As far as install goes it took me a solid 4 hours by myself. I feel as if it would have been faster had the directions been better!!!! I wish they would have labeled each step individually verus each step count started over on every page so you had 20 pages, each with only step 1 and step 2 and in the begining I missed the backside of a page and skipped it then realized of course way to late and had to backtrack versus if they would have had labeled the steps 1-50. Also I feel as if the instructions could have been better detailed towards the actual putting the top on portion. It was very vague and it was the part the slowed me down the most. The biggest thing that would have helped me for this portion would have been if they made a note in the instructions to flip the top over the windshield. The step I was on mentioned nothing about it but on the next step that I was not on yet did mention it so I did it early and it helped wonders. Lastly for the instructions if they would have labeled all the parts 🤷🏻‍♂️. As far as actually using it, I love it!!!!! I went from a hardtop to this. The noise is very little the majority of it comes from the back with the very large windows. Take note that I have very loud 37" tires and a custom exhaust so I was very very impressed on the lack of noise in the cabin with the twill cloth. My second mention is the ease of taking it off. I want to make sure you all know that this top can come completely off but it will take some wrenching and like 15 extra minutes or so. This top is mainly for the sunrider flip up and taking the back windows out. I can flip the top up in about 7 seconds with one hand and then put it back down within 10 seconds. The back windows I can take off in about 2 minutes and put them back on in about 4 minutes. This top does not fold down just so you know. As far as the weather and it's effects it has been amazing no difference then with my hardtop! It has been 20°f and it worked great and it has rained multiple days with no leaks! I am a big fan of this top and have multiple pics and videos of it if Bestop will let me post them. Also before I forget the rear door surrounds have this little metal plate for added look and I love them but if you have time before the install I would dig them out (4) and paint them your accent color! Finally I had 2 mesh sunscreen like things in the box but not full sunshade size. I really have no idea what they do or where they go lol

I would recommend this product

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5 out of 5

I Love It.

I love the look of this top!! I bought my JLUR with only the hardtop knowing I would want this soft top. It took my 15 year old daughter and I a little longer than suggested to install it (maybe an extra 45 minutes), but we got it done. The window tint matches the factory rear window tint pretty good. I love the sunrider top. So much easier to just flip it open than dealing with the freedom panels. The rear windows were easy enough to slide on and get in place, but I don't think I see myself putting them on and off constantly. The top is flat too!! None of that bubble look like the OEM soft top. I would say this is just as flat as the hard top.

I would recommend this product

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