Core Door & Twill Upper Four Door Bundle Installation

Installation for Core Door & Twill Upper Four Door Bundle by a Bestop® Product Certified On-Site Service Provider (“Craftsman”)

How to Prepare

  • Confirm that your Product arrives as scheduled and appears ready for installation.
  • Make sure the Jeep® can be accessed from all sides.
  • Home installation eligible vehicles must have OEM factory equipment and be free of any aftermarket modifications and/or accessories (example: aftermarket frame) that would prohibit product installation.
  • Prepare an area for the Craftsman to set aside the existing doors
  • Have a person 18 years or older present for the entire On-Site Service appointment.
  • As a courtesy, and if applicable, inform your Craftsman of special parking requirements, such as any no-parking days for street sweeping.
  • For their safety (and the Craftman’s safety), secure any pets away from the On-Site Service Location.

In-Scope Service: Bundled Pricing for Core Door & Twill Upper Four Door Bundle for 4 Door Jeep® Wrangler 2007-2018All materials furnished by Bestop®, unless otherwise noted.

Out-of-Service (Not Purchased)

  • Travel
  • On-site Service introductions and survey of Jeep®.
  • Confirm Jeep® Wrangler JK 2007-2018 and installation details with the Consumer.
  • Install the Bestop Core Door & Twill upper Four Door Bundle following the step-by-step instructions.
  • Install one pair of mirrors if purchased by the Consumer.
  • Demonstrate all functions of the product; this does not include uninstalling the product

Occasionally, additional parts or services are required for installation. This occurs in an estimated 10 percent or fewer of On-Site Service appointments. Below are the most common scenarios that arise. If this happens during your On-Site Service, the Craftsman will let you know that additional work is required. If the Craftsman can complete additional work, you will also be notified what the cost will be for the additional work. There may not be an additional cost. You can decide if you want to proceed with any additional work.

Out-of-Scope Services may be added to Workorder at additional cost

Itemized Pricing

All materials are furnished by the Craftsman, unless otherwise noted (no travel included)

  • Installation where there is no access

Out-of-Scope items not available for purchase:

  • Work on aftermarket alterations that do not allow a standard installation as described in the Bestop manual.

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