HOSS Hardtop Hoist Installation

Installation of HOSS Hardtop Hoist

A professional Craftsman will assemble and install all parts of the HOSS Hardtop Hoist

What’s Included:

  • A Craftsman will verify all parts were received
  • A craftsman will pre-assemble per instructions
  • A Craftsman will assemble and install all parts of the HOSS Hardtop Hoist following the step-by-step instructions
  • A Craftsman will locate studs, existing outlet, and obtain location approval
  • A Craftsman will install track, mounting bracket, and mount motor
  • A Craftsman will cut off the plastic tie wraps
  • A Craftsman will install straps and pair with Jeep hardtop as instructed in the manual
  • A Craftsman will demonstrate any/all functions of the product
  • A Craftsman will clean-up and remove packaging

How to Prepare:

  • Confirm that your product number is correct, arrives as scheduled, and appears ready for installation
  • Have a person 18 years or older present for the entire on-site service appointment
  • Remove any aftermarket accessories or contents in or around the vehicle that may prevent demonstration of the product with your hardtop
  • As a courtesy, and if applicable, inform your craftsman of special parking requirements, such as any no-parking days for street sweeping and if the vehicle is in a gated parking area
  • For their safety (and for the Craftsman’s safety), secure any pets away from the On-Site service location

Add-On Services:

Most Consumers do not require add-on services. Due to ceiling materials and other variables, additional parts or services can be required for an installation. Below are some common scenarios that might arise. If any of these are needed during your service, your Craftsman will let you know additional work is needed before doing the work.

  • Removal of accessories to accommodate installation
  • Anything not listed in the What’s Included
  • Plaster, or patching
  • Ceiling installation over 10-feet in height
  • Carpentry, adding supports
  • Electrical work other than running wires furnished by manufacturer
  • Permits, correction of existing code violations or conditions
  • After-Hours’ work
  • Painting or staining

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Instructions & Parts List
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