May 2024

This year marks a monumental milestone for Bestop – 70 years of leading innovation in the off-roading industry. To celebrate, we’re giving you a chance to win a fully equipped, custom Jeep, a testament to our heritage and commitment to quality. We’ve teamed up with Fred Williams to restore and upgrade this 1954 Jeep Willys CJ-3B to its former glory, and it could be yours!

History of the CJ-3B

The Willys CJ-3B “Universal” comes from the very earliest days of civilian Jeeps, way back when the Kaiser-Frazer company owned the brand. Not too much different than the original “Jeeps” that supported Allied troops during the Second World War, the CJ-3B did have a few marked improvements for use on normal roads and trails back on the home front.

The main upgrade came in the engine department, where the larger and significantly more powerful F-Head Hurricane motor replaced the old 60-horsepower G0-Devil 4-cylinder. Willys built the CJ-3B all the way until 1964, when the Willys name was starting to be phased out, and the little flat-fender runabout was succeeded by the relatively more modern CJ-5. That Hurricane engine puts out just 72 horsepower, but an impressive 114 pound-feet of torque, plenty for getting the 2,200-pound 4×4 up and over most obstacles you might encounter. The Dana axles and 3-speed T-90 transmission make it nimble and surprisingly capable on the trails.

With it’s easily foldable windshield, the CJ-3B really is the epitome of what simple, open-air four-wheeling is all about. As Fred says, “driving around in a flat-fender is unlike any other experience.” And this particular example has been lovingly restored to its original glory (but not over-restored), with some thoughtful upgrades in the tire, suspension, and engine departments. Of course, it’s also equipped with Bestop’s legendary Tiger Top soft top for year-round motoring – a product that is been on the market as long as this Jeep has been turning wheels!

We’re Giving It Away!

Of course, the big news for our 70th birthday is that this incredible piece of Jeep history can be yours! To celebrate this Bestop milestone, we’re giving it away to one lucky person, and you can be a part of . It’s easy to enter the giveaway, just follow the link below to enter and for the content rules and terms and conditions. No purchase necessary.

7 Decades Of Bestop

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