Our adventure begins in historic Cody, Wyoming, home of the Buffalo Bill Center and the Cody Firearms Museum. Our journey begins traveling north from Cody toward Clarks Fork Canyon. We’ll be navigating the deep canyon and rolling river to the starting point of the Morrison Jeep Trail. The Morrison switchbacks that lie ahead, 27 to be exact, will be an incredible feat. These switchbacks are very tight and steep, which is why this Adventure must be run without trailers. This section is very dangerous and not for the faint of heart, so an optional go around will be provided. We’ll gain close to 5,000 feet in elevation as we climb to the Beartooth Plateau above, revealing astonishing views over the canyon. Then we’ll travel north on Goose Lake Jeep Trail and climb in elevation to over 10,000 feet. Along the way, we will be stopping to enjoy some of the many mountain lakes above 9,000 feet which include Star, Round, and Long Lakes. Then we’ll return down Goose Lake Trail, and through rolling hills climbing to an elevation just shy of 10,000 feet as we cross over LuLu Pass. We’ll pass by Lake Abundance then down a series of switchbacks that will drop us into our final destination, Cooke City, Montana, the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

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