Supertop for JL Wrangler

New for 2022 – The latest addition to our soft top lineup for JL Wranglers

The new Supertop for JL Wrangler offers many of the same great features and styling you will find in our JL Supertop Ultra or a factory soft top at an industry best price. It’s designed for those Wrangler drivers that want the upgraded look and feel that a Bestop premium top provides over a standard hard top, while not breaking the bank.

With the new Supertop for JL Wrangler, you’ll discover BIG value with our most convenient access to open air in a full top. Our Sunrider feature offers a fast and easy way to open up to sunshine and fresh air from inside. Unlike the Supertop Ultra, the Sunrider can be opened while sitting in a front seat. When the rain rolls in, it’s a breeze to close the Sunrider. No more messing with factory hardtop Freedom Panels.

For those that don’t need the full convertibility of the Supertop Ultra, converting to Safari style configuration is just as simple. Thanks to our patented zipper-less technology, the Supertop’s rear windows slide out easily and are sure to last the test of time. The Safari configuration offers a great open-air option for airflow throughout the vehicle while keeping passengers shaded from the sun.

Here’s a quick comparison of the new Supertop to the existing Supertop Ultra to help find what top is best for you. Please reach out to our Customer Service at 800-845-3567 with any questions and we will be happy to help you decide!

JL Supertop

Square-back, traditional Wrangler styling

Zipper-less operation

Sunrider and Safari configurations only

Premium Black Twill and Black Vinyl fabrics

Front Row Sunrider sunroof feature

JL Supertop Ultra

Square-back, traditional Wrangler styling

Zipper-less operation

Fully convertible

Premium Black Twill fabric only

Enhanced, dual-row Sunrider sunroof feature


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