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Start 2017 the right way by grabbing some Bestop Consumer Cash Rebates! We're offering great savings on some of our most popular Jeep Soft Tops. Once you've purchased any of the qualifying Bestop products, click on the specific rebate offer listed below, then download the rebate coupon form. Full details are on the rebate coupon which is ready to print.

$100 Consumer Rebate on Bestop Trektop PRO:

Effective on purchases starting April 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017. 
Rebate submissions must be received by September 30, 2017 in order to qualify.

$100 cash-back on Bestop Trektop Pro
  • Click on the Rebate Offer you wish to claim above, download the PDF form and completely fill it out with all the required information - please read the coupon form carefully
  • Attach original receipt verifying purchase of qualifying part number from coupon form
  • Bestop UPC Label from the product box (if you are having product installed make sure installer keeps the box for you)
  • Be sure to make copies of the materials you submit
  • Send to the mailing address listed on the rebate form - forms cannot be submitted to Bestop directly.

Bestop uses a professional service to manage our rebate program. When you submit your rebate items, they will send you an email message with tracking ID. Keep this number. To check the status of your rebate, go to You can search for your status and submit questions to the rebate company directly through this web page. You can also send email to request information on the status of your rebate. The address is:

You may also call the rebate company directly at: 1-877-630-2345.

Frequently Asked Rebate Questions:

1. Where do I get a rebate form?
You can download one right here, or get one from the dealer where you purchased your item.

2. I didn't get a box (or my box didn't have a label or UPC code on it). What now?
We need the original product label, as shown in the illustrations, otherwise, we have no way to know what product you purchased. Make sure to work with your dealer to get the box, especially if they installed the product for you. We've worked very hard to make sure your dealer is aware of the rebate program and the requirements, so this should not be an issue. If it is, we need to work directly with the dealer to resolve the situation, so please contact them for further action.

3. It's been over eight weeks. Where's my check?
Rebate fulfillment is by our professional fulfillment house, who did a spectacular job with our last program. They have been extremely responsive with any inquiries you may have. Their contact information is at the top of this page.

4. Can Bestop's customer service help me with rebate problems?
We can give all sorts of information, suggestions and pointers. But please remember that we hired a fulfillment house to handle all the paperwork around the rebate program. You can work with them to find the status of your rebate, or ask questions if there is an issue. Bestop's customer service people do not have the personal information on your account.

5. I got a postcard saying my rebate was denied. What now?
The fulfillment house sends email or post cards to let people know that they did not meet the requirements for the rebate, which gives you a chance to correct the problem and resubmit. Remember you must have (1) a dated invoice or receipt, (2) the official form properly filled out, and (3) the original Bestop Product Label/UPC Bar Code. Copies of the UPC Product Label will not be accepted.

6. I made a copy of the label. Will that work?
No. We need the original label. This is a high value rebate, and the fulfillment house has made suggestions to avoid fraud, which we are following.

7. Can I just mail it to you at Bestop?
No. Make sure to use the address for our fulfillment house on the card. Trust us, they're way better at this. Send to the address on the card (and on the previous page!)