May 2020

0:47 Sean Molitor’s JK
1:10 Brooklyn Burkholder’s JL
1:27 Will we make a Trektop Ultra for JK?
2:19 How do I remove the JL Supertop Ultra to install a hard top?
4:28 Can you install twill windows in a vinyl top?
5:50 What are the doors on that green JL?!
6:57 Will we make a Retractable Sunshade for JL?
7:50 JK Trektop walkthrough with Lee
9:40 Converting a JK Trektop

Welcome to our new web series, “Top Talk”, where we answer your questions, address FAQ’s, offer some advice and more! Let us know what questions you have, and it can be anything! Off-road, outdoor life, Bestop products, whatever! We can’t address all questions, but we will do our best!

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