Feb 2023

Immerse yourself in everything Bronco at the one-of-a-kind Bronco Off-Roadeo experience.

Folks who ordered a new Ford Bronco are invited for an off-road adventure at one of four locations: Texas, Moab, Nevada and New Hampshire. I spent one and a half days at a 360-acre ranch at the Texas location, just an hour outside of Austin.

Led by industry experts, the first part of the day is spent learning about the engineering and design of the new Bronco and its built-in capabilities. After the educational component, we all got into the driver’s seat for the 12-part Obstacle Course. Corey, my personal off-road guide, walked me through each obstacle showing me how to use the GOAT modes, Trail Turn Assist, and Sway Bar Disconnect Features. I was amazed how the Bronco handled and it was so much fun doing donuts in the sand!

The catered lunch with live music offered a nice opportunity to bond with other members of the Bronco community, who were just as stoked as me to be there! Plus, there were a ton of Broncos on display outfitted with a variety of cool accessories. I really loved the Bestop Trektop Soft Top and the Tuffy Security Swing Gate Table, plus there were some cool rooftop tents!

The next day I drove the Bronco on the trails, guided by Corey’s expertise. He was like a little bird in my ear, giving me step by step instructions on where to put my tires and when to use different features. Then we climbed up the steep rocky hill to a beautiful lookout point. I always love to get above it all, and what a lovely view it was!


For the very last part of the experience, Corey hopped in the driver’s seat and gained some serious speed on the Baja racing track. We both had huge smiles on our faces as we braced ourselves around the turns.

If you ordered a new Ford Bronco, don’t miss the opportunity to really get to know your vehicle and learn how to drive it off-road at Bronco Off-Roadeo.

Heather Storm