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For over 20 years, Bestop has been one of the centerpieces of the off-road hall at the annual SEMA show. And 2011 is no exception: we’re setting up booth #34001, which will be front and center for everyone as soon as they enter the gigantic off-road hall. And when the show opens on Tuesday, we’ll be ready.

“Our booth this year will feature new programs and new products,” said Jim Chick, Bestop’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Like everyone else, we use SEMA as the launch point for new products. But we’re also making sure that all the jobbers, retailers, and resellers learn about our point-of-purchase materials, our new print-on-demand marketing collateral, and all the programs and promotions available in 2012.”

New products this year include the Side Mounted TrekStep. “It builds on the strength of our market-leading Trekstep,” Chick added, “but we’ve engineered side mounting brackets that let you put them on either the passenger or drivers side of the truck, right behind the cab. With lifted trucks, that’s essential for getting material out of tool boxes, or just reaching things stored in your truck bed.”

“Our research shows that a side mounted step should be a huge consumer favorite. Combine that with the ease of operation and installation, the fact that our side step fits even dual rear wheel trucks, and we think it’s something all truck resellers will want to see.”

“One of the exciting things about Bestop,” said Chick “is that we see our products all over the show. There are giant companies like Jeep showing concepts with Bestop produced¬† products, and there are some fantastic small retailers with Bestop products on their show vehicles.¬† We never saw that at some other companies I’ve been with, and I think it really shows the importance of Bestop in this industry.”

Britta Hofmann, Bestop’s Marketing Manager, will be at the Bestop booth, demonstrating Bestop’s new print on demand system for creating custom marketing material. “We’ve teamed up with a company called Vertis,” says Britta, and “it allows any authorized Bestop dealer to go online, and create custom designed brochures, postcards, banners and things like that. All with their store logo and name, but really taking advantage of the Bestop photography and product line. What we’re really trying to get to is cooperative marketing, where we can help all the retailers out there produce slick marketing materials, but really keep their customers focused on their stores.”


Last second work on SEMA-bound Jeep.

Bestop's booth being set up over the weekend

Bestop's booth being set up over the weekend

Bestop's sales team showing off their ability to hold up things.

Our sales team showing they can hold things up.

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